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SingleUp 3015

SingleUp 3015

The stack parker with three parking levels.
The SingleUp 3015 increases the number of parking spaces offered in a highly efficient way.

The SingleUp 3015 is a real towering stacker system: if sufficient room height is available, it accommodates three mid-size vehicles in a very confined space – ideal for car dealerships or a vintage car collection. All the parking spaces have a generous height of up to 180 cm.

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The entire construction is robust and low-maintenance. All of the system’s parking spaces are accessed from below. The lower parking space must be empty before the upper platforms can be lowered and used. Therefore, the upper platforms are ideal for long-term parking, e.g. display vehicles, while the lower parking space can be accessed at any time for short-term parking.

  • For dependent parking
  • Single platform (SP) for 3 cars
  • Total height of standard type: 615 cm
  • Pit depth: no pit required
  • Vehicle dimensions: height 160 to 180 cm, length up to 500 cm
  • Usable platform width for standard type: 230 cm (upper parking level), 240 cm (middle parking level)
  • Standard design: 2,000 kg per parking space
  • Horizontal access to all parking levels
  • Retrofitting possible, depending on local conditions
  • Platform coating: StandardGrip or AluLongLife

  • In garages for family homes and apartment buildings
  • For more parking spaces in office buildings or residential and commercial buildings
  • In underground car parks or parking garages
  • For car rental companies or vintage cars collections
  • Retrofitting in existing buildings also possible

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